Van der goes on Stemweek Top 2000: Nice discussion linking | to watch

Van der goes on Stemweek Top 2000: Nice discussion linking |  to watch

Wouter van der Goes, along with fellow NPO Radio 2 colleagues Emmely de Wilt and Frank van ‘t Hof, gave the go-ahead for Top 2000 voting week this morning. ‘, he says in a conversation with the ANP.

“The fever of the Top 2000 is now slowly rising,” said NPO Radio 2 DJ. Talk about songs that should or shouldn’t be great. These are the fun and connected discussions.”

Voting week started differently than usual. Where it was actually intended to drive a DJ across the country with a so-called Ballotbus to collect sounds from listeners, Van der Goes on Saturday set up with his bandmates at the Top 2000 Café in Sound and Vision in Hilversum. “This was a disappointment, but we put it aside pretty quickly,” said the DJ. “But there is no virus or mutation standing in the way of the vote, that list will be broadcast!”

Roller coaster

Before the moment van der Guys, de Welt and van te Hoof hit the red button, Dani Vera issues his number Roller coaster to listen. Thus the Zeeland singer took fourth place on the list in 2019, and even climbed to last year’s release Bohemian Rhapsody Queen of the throne as the new number one.

DJs this year are hoping there will be a lot more votes for songs or music by artists who have been in the news, like Pale white gold earring By Procol Harum, the favorite song of Peter R. de Vries. “Let this record rise,” says Van der Goes, “it seems like a wonderful tribute to Peter.”

asked Lu Roller coaster Topping the list again this year, Van der Goes says absolutely yes. ‘If you ask me, you’re going back to 1. If anything is a roller coaster ride, that’s the stage we’re in now.’

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