March 31, 2023

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Rowan Haze's concert has been halted after accordionist Trine Van...

Rowan Haze’s concert has been halted after accordionist Trine Van…

America –

Rowen Hayes was forced to prematurely cancel his concert in America Sunday night after the unfortunate downfall of accordionist Trine Van Enkevoort.

The band was preparing for the closing show of the annual Zondag in ‘t Zuiden Family Festival in America, when the accident occurred. Speaker Charlotte Rosen of Rowan Hayes says the musician is fine. He went to the hospital for a check-up, but was allowed to go home shortly after midnight. Fortunately, his ankle was not broken.”

The concert was held under bad weather conditions. “Because of the wind, the stage cloth swelled up and the stage seemed a little taller. Trine came down from the stage, as it were. This happened during the song Limburg

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Rosen says Van Inkfurt fell at the end of the party. There were three more songs on the given list. “Sunday in ‘t Zuiden” was held at the final concert site on Peelheideweg in America. About three thousand people braved the winds and rain to watch the North Limburg band and six other acts.

The day before, the new festival “De wei in” was held at the same location, under subtropical conditions. During the event, which sold out with six thousand visitors, Rowwen Hèze performed twice and a new live album was recorded.