Renée Froger: She sang in De Toppers in Hell’s Pains

Renée Froger: She sang in De Toppers in Hell's Pains

René Froger looks weary after spending three evenings with De Toppers at Johan Cruijff ArenA. “Appearances can be deceiving,” Renee then tells the story. I’ve never performed with this much pain. ”I didn’t want to talk about that earlier. But it was intense. I stood there in excruciating pain. It started a while ago and after some investigation it looks like I have a neck hernia. Well, my parents always said when I was hurting: It was over before you were a girl.


He continues: “Rest is very important for recovery. In the last period it was hardly possible, but I will definitely rest in the next period. Then I will see how it goes. I am happy that we were able to stage such a scene again with De Toppers. But also proud. It was Natasja You count and it was the 57th concert in the stadium. That means I’ve performed for 3.5 million people in recent years. And the end is not in sight yet. Because we’ll be back next year with De Toppers. The first meetings are already planned for January.

Say goodbye

These meetings always take place at Rene and Natasja’s villa in Blaricum, the place where they have lived for 28 years. At the beginning of this year, the singer announced that she wanted to relocate, but they are back. “Rene was very quick to announce that,” Natasha explains. Especially when the Realtor came to view our house, suspicions arose. I guess we could live a little longer, but Renee will probably need another three or four years to say goodbye to this place. Meanwhile, I don’t keep my eyes in my pocket. I like to walk through Blaricum and suppose I come across a nice place and then all the options open up again. Even when someone makes a great offer on this house. Until then, we’ll stay put.

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