America with basketball stars like James and Curry

ANPLeBron James NOS game•Tuesday, 11:04 USA basketball’s selection for this summer’s Olympic Games in Paris is almost complete. The world’s biggest basketball nation sends an experienced team full of stars. Eleven of the twelve spots are now filled by national coach Steve Kerr. Cameroon-born Joel Embiid, voted NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) last year, is […]

The Spanish Prime Minister on a tour of the Palestinians • The relegation match in the Premier League

Afghan National PoliceExcelsior and FC Volendam are competing against each other in the relegation battle. Noos News•Today, 06:57 Good morning! Spanish Prime Minister Sanchez wants to persuade more European countries to recognize the Palestinian state through a tour, and the number 16 in the English Premier League will compete with the number 17. First, the […]

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