February 1, 2023

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Quality of life is still up to standard, but it will be under pressure in the future. |  Economie

Quality of life is still up to standard, but it will be under pressure in the future. | Economie

The quality of life in our country has remained the same or increased in many areas over the past year. However, this quality is under pressure in the long term, especially from an economic and physical point of view. This is the conclusion reached by Statistics Netherlands in its annual regional report Extensive luxury control.

Broad prosperity looks beyond economic growth alone, and also includes safety, nature, and health, for example. For the indicator, Statistics Netherlands is looking at the “here and now” and the long term.

The study shows that broad prosperity has remained the same or even increased in many areas. Most indices have been doing this for the past eight years. This is reflected, for example, in an improvement in material well-being and in the category of security, but also in leisure.

However, satisfaction with the housing category is declining in many municipalities. This is mainly because the distance to, for example, primary schools and sports stadiums is increasing. The amount of nature reserve per capita is also decreasing in many places. The municipalities of Groningen, Flevoland, Limburg and Drenthe are often at the bottom of the list of the current wide prosperity.

In the long run, the development of broad prosperity is under pressure. Economic and natural capital in particular are under pressure. For example, the average debt per household is increasing in many regions. In addition, the amount of bluish-green area is decreasing in a number of regions. This is the area of ​​green spaces and water available to each inhabitant.

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Broad long-term prosperity is under pressure, according to the Statistical Office, especially in municipalities in the south and north of the Netherlands.