March 24, 2023

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Diablo Immortals end-of-game upgrades cost tens of thousands of euros in loot boxes – Games – News

It can cost tens of thousands of dollars to fully upgrade a character’s equipment in Diablo Immortal. The exact conversion system of the free game is currently facing a lot of criticism from players.

Players who own game over From Diablo Immortal, according to Ratings from YouTuber Gregg2G Pay tens of thousands of dollars to fully upgrade their character’s equipment. It’s all about legendary gems, a special currency that is required to get better coins at the end of the game Come on to make. Players who pay nothing for the game have to play for up to ten years before they earn enough Legendary Gems, according to rough estimates. Since the game has just been released, this estimate is by definition guesswork.

Currently, all estimates are based on the player’s chance of getting Epic Gems from loot chests. A Rare Crest, Diablo Immmortal’s free loot chests, contain a one-star Legendary Gem up to ten percent of the time. The player can earn a few loot boxes daily or buy them with in-game Orbs.

On the other hand, some upgrades require higher star rated Legendary Gems; They only appear in mythological symbols. It can be earned in limited volumes with Elder Rifts or purchased with real money. So the special currency cannot be purchased directly, but only through the random loot box system. Partly because of this so-called gambling system, Diablo Immortal is Not playable in Holland and Belgium

Realizing that the threshold is very high after the usual progression within Diablo Immortal makes The game’s official Reddit page For a lot of discussion. Critics say it’s virtually impossible to upgrade a character completely for free due to the subtle transfer system; Accusations of “pay to win” come up regularly.

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Others argue that end-game upgrades bring only marginal improvements and that this is of little use to players outside of PvP mode. It’s also estimated that dozens of hours of free play will be available before the slashed systems play a significant role in the progression within Diablo Immortal.