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The Xbox Game Pass family subscription that Microsoft has been testing in Ireland and Colombia will be expanded for a month to additional countries “maybe in the coming months.” Starting Thursday, the Friends and Family subscription is also available for uninformed users.

Microsoft says The Friends & Family subscription is currently being tested in Colombia and Ireland, but the subscription may become available in additional countries or regions in the coming months. Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family is the new name for the Xbox Game Pass family. Presumably, Microsoft wants to make it clear that the subscription is not just for families, but that friends can also share the subscription.

Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family is a partial subscription that costs €22 per month. So, five people will get access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and a set of Xbox Live Gold and games from Game Pass. These five people do not have to share an address, as it can be mandatory with other shared subscriptions. These five users must be residing in the same country. As a result, the subscription cannot be used outside of Ireland and Colombia at this time. Game Pass Ultimate usually costs €13 per month.

Subscription It will be from August 5th It was tested in both countries. At the time, only Microsoft Insider users could sign up. Since Thursday, all users in these two countries can get the subscription.

Friends and family have a number of conditions, plus a maximum of five members. Only eight users can participate in one subscription each year. So if eight users leave a group in a year, no new users can be added.

Users can join the group only twice a year. If they are kicked out of a group twice a year, or if they choose to leave a group twice, they cannot join a new group. Group members also cannot share Game Pass benefits with roommates, only the main subscription account can.

If users still have an ongoing Xbox subscription and upgrade to Friends & Family, the remaining time will be transferred. For example, a 30-day Ultimate subscription becomes an 18-day Friends and Family subscription.

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