Rota: King can continue to apply for benefits | interior

Rota: King can continue to apply for benefits |  interior

Only one of the four is subject to the condition that the area is closed to the public only for a maximum of seven days. The king can then hold on to other subsidies (“agricultural management”, “landscape” and “flocks of sheep”). By applying only to the last three, he can be awarded 331,000 euros.

In The Hague, this scenario is not considered unlikely, although the king has not asked for anything beyond next year. He has until December 31 to do so.

Then the king will not request the support that the domain must be closed for a maximum of one week.

In recent years, Krondomein has been closed for 14 weeks in the fall, so that animals can be managed.


Opponents of the lockdown say the king wants game hunting in the area with his family. However, Rutte hinted that the royal cannons would not be in service for weeks. “On average, less than a day a year,” the prime minister said of the king’s hunting activities. Shooting is also part of keeping the number of animals within limits.

In the discussion, Rutte again refused to provide insight into the material costs incurred by the King. A parliamentary majority urged him to evaluate the so-called component B, the income component (about €5 million) that Willem-Alexander charges to pay for personnel and equipment to support his monarchy. Rutte previously indicated that it would not be possible to announce the costs according to the constitution.

While discussing the royal budget, he considered it “unwise” to look “always” at the king’s income. It has infuriated MP Joost Sneller, among others. He and PvdA had requested evaluation.

“I have a feeling there’s something else behind that,” Sneller said. He noted that all kinds of committees have been formed to monitor the security services, but the Prime Minister does not want “no beginning of transparency” regarding Willem Alexander’s housekeeping notebook.

Rutte noted that the royal house service is not an official service and that broad transparency does not work because it “affects the unity of the crown”.

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