Jazz singers from Russia and the United States in De Observant

Jazz singers from Russia and the United States in De Observant

During the first week of October, Jatspodium Amarsport hosts two special jazz shows at Cultuurpodium De Observant. Two singers, one born in Russia and the other born in the United States. These performances have been made somewhat possible by the Performing Arts Fund and the National Podium Plan. Tickets are available through the De Observer website.

On Sunday, October 3, Russian-The Hague singer Dashatri will bring together the best cultures: European traditional music, Russian poetry and American jazz and blues bach on her show … because. Beautiful poems of the best mind like Pushkin translated into English by Tasha give us a glimpse into the Russian soul. Taha Johann Sebastian Bach combines new texts created with contemporary pieces that have not been performed in this form. It’s an enchanting show of song and poetry, teamwork, development and swinging rhythms: a thrilling performance full of gems.

Wednesday, October 6 Marjorie Barnes will be on stage. Marjorie Barnes was born and raised in New York. During her long career she earned the title of a singer, but she also starred in leading roles on Broadway concerts such as Hair and Dream Girls. Along with Dutch soulful jazz creation RED, he pays homage to another great jazz city: New Orleans, the cradle of jazz. Trumpeter Ellister van der Molen and Hammond organizer Bob Wijnen visited the city in late 2019 and were allowed to play alongside the jazz and funk scene Creme de la Creme. Back in the Netherlands, full of new ideas, they began to organize their new project Nola. All pieces have a connection to New Orleans and at the same time with a clear RED logo. Eliste van der Molen says, “We are looking for sound that conquers the abyss of courage and intellect. We think Marjorie is fine.”

Stadspodium de Observant
Town Hall Square7
3811 LM Amarsport

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