Ex-Trump adviser Bannon walks away from Capitol storm investigations

Ex-Trump adviser Bannon walks away from Capitol storm investigations

Steve Bannon, a former adviser to former US President Trump, failed to appear at the House Special Committee to investigate the January 6 storming of the Capitol. The committee has since asked prosecutors to prosecute Bannon for contempt of Congress, which is a criminal offense in the United States.

last week become known Trump urged his former aides not to question the panel. Bannon said he is following Trump’s advice. He agrees with Trump that the conversations they had were confidential and that the commission could not force them to reveal the content.

critical point

According to reporter Lucas Wagmeister, the investigation has now reached a critical point. The justice, and then the judge, will have to assess whether the conversations between Trump and his cronies fall under the secrecy that the president is entitled to. According to the parliamentary committee, that right has now expired that Trump is no longer president.

Another ex-employee who was called up for that day may not show up. It is also unclear whether former employees will be heard tomorrow. In all, the commission recalled nineteen former employees.

protest meeting

There are also former employees who are making their voices heard by the committee. Among those employees who organized a protest march on January 6 in front of the White House against the results of the presidential elections in November. The purpose of the commission is to find out to what extent Trump was responsible for the storming of the Capitol.

Trump reiterated at the rally that Democrats committed fraud, which is the claim time after time proved incorrect. He asked his supporters not to succumb to his defeat and go to the Capitol. The Senate met there to ratify the election results. “Fight like hell,” he said, which means “fight like your life depends on it.”

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