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Agree with Joby. I’ve tested many speakers and there are few who have average scores on as many points as Roam. If you have a Sonos system at home, it can be a huge plus, if you don’t, don’t buy the Roam. The battery is poor, the sound (compared to competitors) nothing to write home about, especially at the bottom, almost everything is missing. The connection is unnecessarily complicated, I wasn’t able to connect my Roam to bluetooth before I configured it as a network speaker.
For what you get, it’s really better to buy a competitor.

The only advantage I get from Roam makes it worth the money in my view:
In the closed system that is Sonos, I finally have input. In addition to the €400 bridge (no longer supported) or the Soundbar (single optical input), input into the Sonos system is actually not possible. This ensures that I can play all the music services, but I can’t play any other audio from my computer, for example. Thanks to the Roam’s Bluetooth functionality, this is now possible, and because you can bundle it with other Sonos speakers, I can now play my computer’s audio through Sonos. Not perfect due to the delay, but something I’ve been waiting for a long time.

I reviewed bluetooth speakers for my previous employer. And as for what to choose, my tastes haven’t changed: JBL or Ultimate Ears. Bose is what really disappointed me after the very positive reviews of the first audio link. I would really only recommend Sonos to people who already have a Sonos (extensive) setup at home, but does that really add value. Although I’ll go for the movement anyway. That’s with the luxury that I also have enough of the other portable speakers in the Roam format.

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