Cardinals fire ‘overwhelmed’ Mike Schilt, promises to ‘work fast’ to find successor – The Athletic

Cardinals fire 'overwhelmed' Mike Schilt, promises to 'work fast' to find successor - The Athletic

Just a few hours ago basics They wrapped up their 17th consecutive win and racked up the most unexpected pitches, Paul Goldschmidt He took the field for a pre-game routine before batting practice. Usually reserved and focused, Goldschmidt was in a lighter mood than in previous months, just like the majority of his teammates.

He began by discussing the various successful factors that swirled around the 2021 season and culminated in the past three weeks, both from a personal and collective point of view. He’s credited a variety of things, from increased camaraderie between the team to more consistent play throughout.

Then he applauded for Mike Scheldt and the technical staff of the Cardinals.

He said, “I think the coaching staff did a great job of maintaining the positivity when we didn’t play well.” “A lot of times coaches and players don’t necessarily trust the process, for lack of a better term, and when you don’t get results, they try to find a reason and try to do something different. It can cause the whole year to go in the wrong direction. I think, from Jeff. (Albert) and Jubel Jimenez and (Patrick Elkins) on the hits side, from Sheldy and all the coaching staff, they’ve been really very positive all year, and they’ve been very encouraging (to) keep doing what we talked about – keep doing the basics, keep doing things Small. Now that’s not going to guarantee that we’re going to continue a winning streak, or make playoffs or whatever. But it’s what gives us a chance to succeed.

“I think that’s really rare in this game, and in sports in general, when results aren’t going well for the coaching staff to really stick with their players.

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