Jandino Asporaat responds to ‘Worst TV Show of the Year’ | TV

Jandino Asporaat responds to 'Worst TV Show of the Year' |  TV

“by Dino delivery service The jury said mercilessly about the NTR show: It was impossible to make chocolate at all. “A stark broadcaster who really wants Henny ‘Surprise’ Huisman in a very nonsensical formula, has even managed to intimidate most regular NPO1 viewers.”

The fact that Jandino does not take ‘price’ seriously is evidenced by the response he gave when asked telegraph: “First of all I would like to thank the jury for such tremendous enthusiasm, without them of course I would not have been able to win this award. I also thank my Mum and Dad. Winning my third Golden Calf earlier this month was fantastic and this award really feels like icing on the cake. Once I get it, he will of course have a nice place in the award treasury.”

comedy Bon Penny: Judeska in da House At the beginning of this month, he and Jandino won the audience’s golden calf, the only calf to receive the audience’s votes.

general error

Call to stop the talk show Eve It was named Blur of the Year. Banfara took the show from Fidan Ekes and Renzi Klamer off the air and replaced it with the talk show. Khaled and Sophie.

This is the third year in a row that TV Knollen has been awarded. This year’s jury consists of media expert and podcast maker Ron Vergoyne, media reporter Rob Goossens, and speaking tube publisher Richard Otto.

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