Root: Support Ukraine, the settlement of the surcharge scandal and Khroningen will continue | Policy

Root: Support Ukraine, the settlement of the surcharge scandal and Khroningen will continue |  Policy

The Cabinet continues to conduct business and the fall was a ‘unanimous decision’

VVD, CDA, D66 and ChristenUnie now continue to supervise. Rota offered the resignation of the entire government on Friday evening, just after the press conference.

The outgoing Prime Minister emphasized that the four parties jointly reached the conclusion that there is no point in continuing the talk. He denied earlier reports from sources in The Hague that ChristenUnie had taken the lead. “It is a unanimous decision.”

Cage confirmed that photo. Without referring to the guilty party, she stressed the importance of compromise in Dutch politics, as no party could count on a majority.

“We take each other into account. This is the only way we can come up with supported solutions.” According to her, “a give and take, even if it’s hard at times.” The deputy prime minister spoke of “unnecessary tension” in immigration talks this week.

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The cabinet members were shaken after falling

Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Christian Democratic Party Wubke Hoekstra called the fall of the government “unnecessary”. He spoke of a “very disappointing” decision. The press asked him about Rutte’s role. His answer was “Obviously that wouldn’t help the process”.

Deputy Prime Minister Carola Skotin (Christenoi) also described the fall of the government as a “very difficult moment”. According to her, her party was ready to take steps in negotiations on immigration, but the brakes on family reunification were unbearable.

She looked visibly shaken. “I stand here with a heavy heart,” admitted the minister. She felt a “great responsibility” to reach an agreement on immigration, “especially for people entitled to shelter, and people from war zones.”

Foreign Minister Erik van der Burg (Asylum) was visibly emotional at the end of the evening. He is disappointed that there is no asylum agreement. Van der Burgh said he found it particularly upsetting to all the people who had worked for months to ensure adequate reception spaces for asylum seekers.

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