These are all summer 2023 guests

These are all summer 2023 guests

One thing is for sure: several private conversations await him.

Thomas Duke

Flemish cosmologist and professor of theoretical physics Thomas Hertog has the honor to start this year. “On this summer’s evening, we look with a wide horizon into the future, to possible extraterrestrial life forms and the entry of artificial intelligence into science,” the broadcaster said.

A good choice, according to presenter Theo Maassen. He used to enjoy movies set in space like Alien, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Interstellar. “Now I have a chance to talk to someone who really knows what’s going on in the universe. Space, gravity, the Big Bang, quantum mechanics, extraterrestrial life, black holes. I want to understand. I want to know.”

©Rainier van Bromeelen

Thomas Hertog guest summer 2023

Hoyt van Hoytema

A week later it was Hoyt van Hoytema’s turn. It’s partly due to movies like the James Bond movie ghostAnd no And films like Tenet, Interstellar and Dunkirk are one of the most in-demand cinematographers of the moment. And this is not just. For the latter film, he received an Academy Award nomination, a first for a Dutch cinematographer.

For Maassen, the true dream comes true with Hoyte van Hoytema as a guest. “When I knew I was going to perform Zomergasten, there was a name I immediately denounced: Hoyte van Hoytema. I hope I can keep a professional distance, because I’m a fan,” said the presenter. “He’s been behind the camera on many of my favorite movies. He’s never shot a movie in the Netherlands, but I’m honored he’s coming back especially for us.”

Hoyte van Hoytema guest summer 2023

Khadija Arib

Chamber chairwoman and former politician Khadija Arib can also be seen in this new season of Zomergasten. Her episode will air on August 6.

“In Zomergasten I want to talk about the struggle an outsider has to go through in order to be seen and treated as a full member of society, about the role of an outsider and what it takes to settle down on foreign soil,” she says. “I also want to talk about trust and mistrust between citizens and the state: How have we changed us as a society? But above all I ask the question: How have I changed myself?”

The introduction, of course, is also happy with its arrival. “When I saw her as Speaker, I always thought: I think she would be an accomplished comedian,” Theo says. “She’s incredibly smart, charming, not afraid of anyone, has charisma and has a specific background that makes her look at Holland in her own special way.” Read more about it here.

See Khadija Areeb in Sommergasten 2023

©Amy Van Leyden

See Khadija Areeb in Sommergasten 2023

Baby Dumont Tack

On Sunday August 13, Maassen will open his doors to writer Bibi Dumont Tuck, who won both Zilveren Griffel and Woutertje Pieterseprijs in 2023 for her publication. Today I give my speech on anacondas.. Viewers can also recognize her from her books Bad Boys (2007) And The Day I Changed My Name (2020). In the latter she wrote, among other things, of the impotence, grief and anger she felt when her sister’s husband forbade her to see her nephews after her sister’s death.

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The presenter can’t wait to talk to her. “When I started reading her work, I was instantly sold. Her books are so sensitive, funny, and so educational,” he says. “What else are the obvious ideas, like giving animals talks to other animals. I wish that really happened. My meeting with Baby Dumont Tuck.”

Baby Dumont Tack

©ANP/Robin van Lonkhuijsen

Baby Dumont Tack

Alice Dors

Alida Dors has the honor of closing the season this year. She is best known as a stage-maker and choreographer and since spring 2020 she is also the artistic director of the Rotterdam Theatre. This was created after the merger of Ro Theater, Production House Rotterdam and Rotterdamse Schouwburg and is one of the largest public theater institutions in the Netherlands. Her dance performance continues in 2021 Premacy The piece is shown and designed Travis’ story.

Particularly because of the latter, I was able to catch Theo Maassen’s attention. The presenter said: “I had to cry. I’m crying so hard during the performance of Travis’ Story. The play that was properly selected for this year’s Nederlands Theatrefesival”. “I don’t know exactly what happened, I was spoken to in a language I didn’t speak, but I seem to understand (…) I want to get to know her better. I wonder what drives her and how she managed to make me cry like that.”

Alida Dors in The Summer Guest

©VPRO / Rainier van Bromeelen

Alida Dors in The Summer Guest

Zomergasten can be seen weekly from 20:15 on VPRO on NPO2 from Sunday 23 July 2023.

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