Chris Rock’s reaction to Will Smith’s Oscar win | stars

Chris Rock's reaction to Will Smith's Oscar win |  stars

Comedian Chris Rock, 57, was on the shelves of the Wilbur Theater in Boston on Wednesday evening — dressed all in white. He was clearly emotional due to the warm welcome he received from the spectators present. “how was your weekend?” He asked with a joke, but tears in his eyes.

‘I don’t have much to say about it (incident, editor), so if that’s what I came here for…” Rock announced before stopping for a while.” My full show was written tonight last weekend. I am still processing what happened. I will talk about it at some point. will be serious. It will be fun. “But now I’m just here to tell a few jokes,” said Rock before his actual show started.

Rock is currently working on the “Ego Death Tour”. Ticket sales for the tour have increased dramatically since the accident at the Academy Awards.

A visitor to the exhibition exclaimed, according to variety From the audience: ‘F*ck Will Smith’, but Rock wasn’t inclined to respond. “I will tell some jokes. It is good to get away from it all.”

On Wednesday, it became clear that the organization behind the film awards, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, was considering imposing sanctions on Smith. The actor apologized a day after the hit, which he distributed as a joke about his wife’s illness.

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