May 28, 2023

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NLZiet working on ‘alternative route’ for live TV channels due to interference – picture and sound – news

Problems can cause a chain reaction. Double, triple, or even more repetitions cause more problems than prevent an anomaly. Not to mention the exponential costs. And sometimes things are simply inevitable.

If the Coca-Cola plant closes, how do you expect AH to arrange a new Coca-Cola? By holding better? The best contract in the world is not going to help with that.
If a party cannot fulfill the SLA for any reason, it simply does not exist. No matter how good this SLA is on paper, if you don’t have anything in your hands, it’s really empty †

Or does the company you work for host it all in the Cloud, AWS, Azure, in each availability zone, on premises in different data centers across different geographies, and each server back up on the shelf in different repositories? And do you have internet from KPN, Ziggo, Starlink, ISDN, cable, glass, etc, etc?
It is also a coincidence that there is a mountain of bench that can help if someone gets sick and that also in different time zones?

And sometimes the disorder is not at all life-threatening and you can safely interpret it, a little inconvenience or a little luxury did not kill anyone.

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