Gas stations are preparing to receive the crowds due to the low price of gasoline

Gas stations are preparing to receive the crowds due to the low price of gasoline

Due to the reduction in the excise tax, a liter of gasoline will cost 17 cents less than tomorrow, and as for diesel, the reduction will be 11 cents a liter. “On a full tank of fuel, this quickly saves ten euros,” says Iwat Klok, president of the Tank Stations Association.

So many people wait a while before filling their tank. Klok sold 15 percent less at his gas station yesterday than he did the day before. “It wouldn’t be much different today,” says the pump owner.

Fills up quickly after midnight

Fuel prices have risen sharply in recent weeks due to the war in Ukraine. The suggested national retail price for a liter is currently €95, €2.46. To accommodate the citizens, the Council of Ministers recently urgently decided to reduce the tax on fuel in the Netherlands.

In Belgium, excise duties were lowered earlier this month, as a result of which the Dutch went to refuel en masse across the border. You can see it in this video:

In the Netherlands, gas station operators are also expecting large crowds tomorrow. Today, pump operators want to have as small a stock as possible, so they don’t have to sell fuel they bought with higher tax fees for less.

Given the expected crowds, they want their tanks to be fully filled as soon as possible after midnight. “Tonight it’s going to be a logistical thing to have all those gas stations available, but that’s going well,” Kluck predicts.

Additional staff will be deployed to regulate traffic so that “there are no long waiting times due to people standing around unnecessarily”.

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