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Respawn Entertainment has pulled the first Titanfall game from sale. The studio announces it. The company doesn’t give a concrete reason for this, but it does mention that the game’s multiplayer servers will still be online.

Entertainment Repost writes on twitter That the first Titanfall, which debuted in 2014, will be withdrawn from sale starting Wednesday. So the game is no longer for sale in digital stores. On March 1, 2022, the game will also be removed from subscription services, such as Xbox Game Pass. Players who already own the game can continue to play the online multiplayer game; Respawn reports that the game’s servers are not shutting down.

The company also stated that it will continue to support the Titanfall franchise in the future. Titanfall is the core of Respawn’s DNA and that universe will continue today in Titanfall 2, Apex Legends, and into the future. Respawn hasn’t officially announced a new game in the Titanfall series yet.

The studio did not provide a concrete reason for this decision on Twitter, but the game has been experiencing problems for some time. Titanfall franchise servers released earlier this year I touched with some ddos . attacksWrites ribbed. As a result, the game was frequently unplayable. on the steam Many players complain Also, Titanfall regularly Not playable by hacker, which can cause game servers to crash. It is not clear how many players have left the game. On Steam, where the game end of 2020 The number of regularly simultaneous players is now twenty or fewer, according to Charts from SteamDB. However, this excludes players on other platforms, such as Origin and consoles.

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