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The new version of RE1 (REmake) is the best remake ever and released on Gamecube (later on Steam).
This is how the remake should be, like the old game but with new things added, much improved graphically. RE1 doesn’t need a remake because it already exists and it’s awesome!
Unfortunately, I can’t say that about RE2 and RE3 remakes (or rather a remake since it doesn’t follow the same story as the original)
Don’t get me wrong, RE2 is a very fun and graphically cool game, unfortunately there are no fixed camera points (understandable, but I think it’s unfortunate as a longtime RE fan) like the original and not 4 different endings like the original. In the RE2 remake, the stories are exactly the same as Leon A or Claire A.
Play. You had a difference on this originally.
The RE3 remake is so bad compared to the original that even a third of the original story is missing. I have yet to play the RE3 remake, but Nemesis doesn’t look as good, give me the original, at least it looks creepy and cool, not a melted face like in the remake.

If there is a CVX remake, hopefully it will be a bit good and not crap like the RE3 remake.
RE4 is already getting a remake (if they bring out quick time events I will).

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