How CNN journalist Chris Cuomo was dragged into the downfall of his brother Andrew

How CNN journalist Chris Cuomo was dragged into the downfall of his brother Andrew

Chris Cuomo speaking at Madison Square Garden in New York in 2019.Build Getty Images

For Cuomo, family is everything. It turns out he’s serious about this and is even willing to risk his career for it this week. The journalist, who has been praised and denounced for his harsh interviews with politicians from all walks of life, was suspended indefinitely by his employer at CNN on Wednesday for his gross journalistic neglect.

The reason for this is the help he provided to his brother Andrew Cuomo, who resigned as New York governor last August after a judicial investigation found that he sexually harassed at least 11 women. The same investigation – released this week – found that Brother Chris, the head of the family until the last moments, would have used his media contacts, among other things, to obtain information about one of the women who accused his brother. It is also alleged that Chris offered to prepare press releases for his brother, and tried to influence the defense strategy.

Our colleagues at CNN were so quick to call them anonymous in the tabloid New York Post I know. Does Chris Cuomo have any journalistic integrity? new.’ and “he should resign from his job immediately or CNN will fire him.”


Although Chris previously explained to CNN that he was helping his brother, the far-reaching way in which he did so was not known to the media company. CNN initially expressed understanding that he “put the family first,” but “this new documents show that his involvement was greater than we previously knew.”

scandal too comedy act Which the two brothers presented on TV in a different light at the beginning of the Corona pandemic. In the early months of the crisis, Andrew was a guest on his brother’s show explaining his coronavirus policy in hard-hit New York state. The interviews soon took a delightful turn, with teasing back and forth between the brothers. Andrew Cuomo: “I called my mom right before the broadcast, and she said I was her favorite son. The good news: You are her second favorite son.

Great TV, according to Corona, tired America. Watchman He spoke of “bromance” as a “balm to the soul in difficult times.” news agency Associated Press He called it “the activated TV corona virus”. Looking back, another result emerges: here a corrupt alliance between politics and the media is born, and it can be watched live on TV. Both brothers benefited greatly from the bad brother’s gimmick: Chris’ ratings skyrocketed, and Andrew’s ratings went to the ceiling.

Now their reputations are shattered, one (Andrew) may face criminal charges, and the other (Chris) appears to have lost his journalistic credibility forever.


And that’s while Chris Cuomo has just managed to build a career as someone from the authoritative and objective milieu, who bites Democrats just as much as Republicans. “Brutal, blunt, and completely uninterested in partisan political spin,” the magazine wrote. Rolling Stone Three years ago about Como. “The only reason I’m doing this job is to deal with the bullshit that people send.”

Chris Cuomo was born in 1970 into a young political dynasty in New York. father mario komoThe son of Italian immigrants, he was the first in the family to become New York’s governor, and was considered a potential presidential candidate for the Democrats in the 1980s. Brother Andrew followed in his father’s footsteps. Chris is married to Christina Griffin, a journalist and businesswoman, and they have three children.

Chris never liked the political life. He first entered the legal profession, but soon switched to journalism, much to the chagrin of his father. Cuomo Sr., says Chris in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter He had a hard time with the media, because the press would focus mainly on news coverage, without delving into political backgrounds.

However, Kris sees a future for himself in journalism and has already started building a thriving television career in his early twenties. Via FoxNews’ right-hand stronghold, he ended up on ABC reporting on major national events (Hurricane Katrina) and international events (the war in Afghanistan). In 2013, Chris was brought in by CNN, and five years later he is considered ready for the big job: a news program that bears his name, on prime-time television.


The most striking aspect of Cuomo’s interview style is the fierce, Testosterone The way he puts his guests to the test. Cuomo is an alpha male—six feet, 102 kilograms, almost ripping out of his Armani suits—who easily roars at his guests as they try to throw lies and political spin in the air. In particular, his clashes with Republicans under the presidency of Donald Trump regularly led to heated television moments. Many of Trump’s foot soldiers stayed away from Cuomo because of this, but there were also Republicans who were happy to take the fight. Disgraceful Republican politician Matt Gates – Accused of sexually assaulting an underage girl – He saw the appearance in Cuomo as a “health stress test” for his political ideas.

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