Rene van der Jeep on Martien Meiland: “This is an actor!”

Rene van der Jeep on Martien Meiland: "This is an actor!"

René van der Gijp doesn’t think Martien Meiland is always this way”hysterical” It is as we see it on TV. Who thinks the castle lord is out Chateau Melland passive Indeed: if Martien really is like that, then according to van der Gigbe “in an institution” Seated, Rene argued tonight in Sixth FifthToday on SBS6.

“Then he was in an institution!”

Rene van der Jeep joins Sixth day Quite loose on Martien Meiland’s authenticity: “I often read that this guy is very different in real life. But that of course isn’t so weird. As hysterical as he does on TV: if he could do it 16.17 hours a day, he’d be in determination!”

Rene van der Jeep: “This guy only lasts ten minutes!”

Johan Dirksen agrees with René:play a role!Renee adds: “But of course this guy only lasts ten minutes a day.”

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Rene van der Geep likes to be a little provocative. even in Regular shit and pee jokes are no stranger to him.

Chateau help stir

It’s getting hotter under Meilandjes’ feet. Their new programme Chateau help It hasn’t started yet, but it has already been criticized enough† And then there was the last Erica’s fuss…

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