‘Groningers: Gas tap opens to import less Russian gas’

'Groningers: Gas tap opens to import less Russian gas'

commissioned by Daily newspaper in the north performed it by Enigma Research. Significantly, readiness was higher in earthquake-prone areas than among residents outside the earthquake zone.

At least 83% of respondents believe that the Netherlands should stop importing Russian gas. Groningen’s gas tap may open more than 60 percent, with a maximum of 12 billion cubic meters per year.

Relatively safe level

The government oversight of mines, which monitors whether gas extraction poses no danger, has always said that gas extraction could be relatively safe to the limit if all homes in Groningen were reinforced. This is far from the case at the moment.

A month ago, thousands of people from Groningen took part in a torch rally against gas extraction. The message was: “It is time to finally hear Groningen in The Hague.”

earthquake box

90 percent of those surveyed want the proceeds from gas extraction to be put into a fund to finance earthquake damage repair.

According to Dagblad van het Noorden, this is a representative survey conducted this week among Groningen residents aged 20 and over.

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