Red Bull VT3 returns to the United States, Mercedes retreats

Red Bull VT3 returns to the United States, Mercedes retreats

Sergio Perez is totally in his organ. He repeated that decision in the last free workout on Saturday, after finishing very fast on Friday. Charles Lecklerk surprised by getting the second fastest time on his Ferrari, followed by Max Verstappen in third place.

Red Bull is back on VT3

When the last training session starts it is not immediately busy. After a few minutes, the first drivers were on track, and after ten minutes most of the drivers were out.

Lewis Hamilton set the fastest time first with 1.35.814, but that time was improved by Sergio Perez, who clocked 1: 35.633. Max Verstappen briefly led the timetable with a time of 1: 35.207, but it was upgraded by teammate Perez.

Ferrari surprise, Mercedes disappointment

For example, until Carlos Science stopped his Ferrari, the Red Bull drivers drove most of the session to the top of the timetable. Verstappen and Hamilton both set a fast time in the final stages of training, but these were canceled due to exceeding track limits.

Verstappen eventually finished VT3 in third place. Mercedes had to give up compared to Friday, and had to settle for fifth place for Voltaire Potas and sixth place for Lewis Hamilton.

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