A Russian diplomat falls from a window in Berlin | Abroad

A Russian diplomat falls from a window in Berlin |  Abroad

A 35-year-old Russian embassy employee was killed near Unter den Linden. The Berlin police, who are exactly a native of Pietje, do not want to make any statements about this. German intelligence is as silent as a grave.

A stone’s throw from the National Monument, the Brandenburg Gate, the diplomat fell from a great height. In recent years, more and more Russians have been killed as a result of a strange fall from the window. They were frequently persecuted by opposition members or critical journalists.


Der Spiegel magazine had the scoop on threshold FSB employee. Berlin police should not be allowed to investigate the case, and the body was not released for forensic examination by the embassy either. The fall occurred in the early morning of October 19, when authorities found the body, but it is only now known.

According to Der Spiegel, the deceased diplomat is in contact with high-ranking spies of the Federal Security Service, who, according to German justice, a Chechen opponent, was also liquidated in Tiergarten. The arrested killer was carrying a forged Russian passport. According to the prosecutor, the papers officially came from the government.

It is also said that the same FSB administration is responsible for the poisoning of the arrested opposition leader Alexei Navalny. The famous blogger contracted the disease on a plane in Siberia and was receiving medical care and personal protection from Chancellor Angela Merkel in Germany. Upon his return to Russia, Navalny was found guilty of violating the rules.

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