The biggest increase in U.S. homicides by 2020

The biggest increase in U.S. homicides by 2020

In the United States, the largest increase in homicides in 2020 was recorded compared to last year. Writing that American media on Monday Based on statistics from Intelligence FBI. Last year, at least 21,500 people were killed in the United States, 4,901 more than the previous year.

In cities in particular, the number of homicides has increased, although in the United States homicides are evenly distributed across the country. For example, medium-sized cities such as Albuquerque in New Mexico, Milwaukee in Wisconsin and Des Moines in Iowa recorded record homicides last year. In contrast, Los Angeles and New York City accounted for 3.8 percent of homicides in the country last year and 13.8 percent in 1990, respectively.

In 2020, 77 percent of all homicides recorded were by gunfire. The total number of murders is also lower than the 1990 crime peak, he writes The New York Times.

Increase in arms sales

There is no clear explanation for the increase in the number of murders. However, it is clear that arms sales in the United States rose sharply last year. For example, the FBI found out in August last year 57 percent more guns were sold Than in the same month in 2019.

Although the homicide rate will increase in 2020, the number of major crimes in 2020 will be lower than the previous year. Crime statistics in the United States have been monitored since the 1960s.

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