Talking M&Ms ‘Too Vogue’ Is Disappearing From Ads In America

Talking M&Ms 'Too Vogue' Is Disappearing From Ads In America

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Talking and moving M&Ms are no longer seen in the chocolate brand’s ads in the US. Producer Mars writes that they are causing more polarization in the country Report. A company spokeswoman could not say whether the M&M characters would disappear from television in other countries.

Earlier this month, there was an uproar in the US after the introduction of new packaging featuring female-only M&Ms. The packaging includes a brown, green and fresh purple M&M with the following: “Support women who are turning the tideThe company will donate $1 from every pack sold to organizations dedicated to empowering women.

The new packaging led to a lot of criticism from conservative corners. For example, Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson said M&Ms are being misused to convey a political message. He called the green M&M’s “lesbian” and the brown one “fat.” Carlson thought M&Ms was “too woke.”

Conservative commentator Nick Adams took to Twitter to take issue with the new packaging featuring female M&Ms. He wrote that no M&M would “cross its lips” until the chocolate brand came up with an excuse and introduced male packaging.

And last year there was an uproar over M&M characters. At that time, the company changed the appearance of six characters to improve content. Green M&M’s were swapped for high heel sneakers, and then A Petition Started to keep her “attractive”.

The last thing M&M wanted to achieve with last year’s changes was segmentation. writes Company on Twitter. Now it recognizes that “even chocolate can shoes are polarizing.”

Moving M&Ms get a hiatus for an unknown amount of time. The commercials will now feature American comedian Maya Rudolph. “We hope Ms. Rudolph spreads the power of entertainment to create a world where everyone feels at home,” Mars said.

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