Rangers Eye Willie Calhoun, Choose Steel Walker

Rangers Eye Willie Calhoun, Choose Steel Walker

Rangers have announced that they have chosen the defensive player’s contract Steel Walker. player Andy Ibanez It was chosen to make room for it in the active list. To create a space in the 40-man roster, an external player Willie Calhoun It is set to waive.

Walker, 25, was originally drafted by the White Sox but joined the Rangers as a return in the trade that sent Nomar Mazara to Chicago. In 2020 and 2021, American baseball considered him one of Rangers’ top 30 players, although he fell off the list this year after a disappointing campaign in 2021. In 111 games between Double-A and Triple-A last year, he achieved .241/ .308/.400 for wRC+ out of 83. He turned things around this year, however, hitting .297/.395/.486 for 126 wRC+.

This streak comes in just 20 Triple-A games, but it’s clearly enough that the club wants to know if they can carry it to the big leagues with them. Cole Calhoun And the Adulis Garcia She was a mainstay in Texas, though it was a bunch of characters who would fit in alongside them, including Ibanez, Brad MillerAnd the Eli WhiteAnd the Zach Rex And the Nick Solak. Miller is on the hit list and no one else has taken on a regular role enough, creating an opportunity for Walker to get that audition.

As for the Willie CalhounThe move would definitely end his troubled relationship with the Rangers. A little over a month ago, it was Demotion to Triple-A She did not smear the words when talking about the situation, and told the media that he had asked the team to trade it in. Furthermore, he also questioned the club’s training strategy. “I don’t agree with some of the influential philosophies of the New Men,” Calhoun said. “I don’t process this (information) very well. I’m not 6-4, 230 pounds; I can’t run home pop-ups. I don’t have that clout.”

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Calhoun was the main prospect in the deal that was sent out yo darwish To The Dodgers, though, he’s struggled to cement himself in the major leagues ever since. In 253 games over the past six seasons, he’s had a career hitting streak of .241/.300/.407, 85 wRC+. Despite this sluggish production, he will likely garner attention across the league based on his potential past state, with teams hoping a change of scenery can help him get his career back on track. Despite many choppy seasons, he’s still only 27 years old and has been in the campaign with the MLB service for three years and 33 days. He’s in his final year of selection, which means any winning team won’t even have to commit to an active spot on Calhoun’s roster, and he can take over after this season through refereeing.

Of the three possibilities that Rangers got in the Darvish deal, AJ Alexey He is now the last one still with the organization, like Brendon Davis He lost to the Angels in the minor league portion of the Base 5 draft before the 2021 season. Alexy made his MLB debut last year but is currently struggling in Triple-A. During the 48 round 2/3 this year, he has an ERA of 6.29.

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