March 21, 2023

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The latest version of coreboot can run DOOM from your motherboard firmware – Gaming – .Geeks

coreboot team added a new payload called coreDOOM in firmware update 4.17. With that said, it’s now possible to play the classic DOOM game in first person from supported motherboards firmware.

CoreDOOM according to GitHub page From the port project worthless In the form of a coreboot payload. It comes with a data file for the beta version of DOOM by default, but users can add so-called .wad files to play other DOOM content if they wish, as long as it all fits in the motherboard’s storage.

It is important to know that Doomgenerator omits audio support to facilitate transfer. Additionally, the maker of coreDOOM states that USB keyboards are not supported; It only works for PS/2 inputs. Also, there is currently no support for Memorizes Nor configuration. The system also crashes upon exiting the game.

According to Phoronix coreDOOM has been tested in a QEMU environment and on real machines. Unfortunately, neither the coreboot team nor the coreDOOM developer make images available for coreDOOM in action. Version 4.17.1 coreboot also supports some newer Chromebooks as well as devices from Clevo, Dell, HP, and Star Labs. Tweaker posted a History story about corebootwhich is an alternative to bios and UEFI.

DOOM is credited with its age and ubiquitous love affair source ports A game that is regularly moved to other platforms “Because It Can”. Notable examples of this DOOM in MinecraftOn a 1998 Kodak camera and on MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar

Image via Phoronix, which doesn’t explicitly state whether or not this screenshot is from coreDOOM