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The players question has nothing to do with the engine.

What a large part of the community wants are custom maps (and other mods, but you can do enough with maps already) In a multiplayer game. This can now be done with a few turns, but it could be much easier and better.

However, thanks to the Epic acquisition, the chance of that is slim. EGL still does not support mods (“beta”) and there is no change. After that, Psyonix will actually have to rely on something like, but since they fall under Epic, the chance is zero. After all, custom maps take players out of the regular game loop, so there is less risk of getting paid.

In addition, there are small elements of the game in which many would like to see changes. For example, most professionals and operators find demolitions an annoying game mechanic. Bumps are one of the things you can recover from. But you can’t do anything against the demo (except trying to avoid it) and you can’t do anything at all for 4 seconds, while there’s nothing wrong with the other party. As a result, at the higher levels, you’ll often see demos instead of pretty ‘football’ – you have to split your time 50/50 between doing something with the ball and avoiding crash cars. At the pro level, it’s not that bad, but it’s mainly about the speed of the game at this level. However, a change in demos (completely out of the game or a major drawback for the other party) is likely to be welcomed with open arms.

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The truth is that little has changed since the acquisition, there is no longer a chance for custom maps in multiplayer and there is already more degradation than anything else (all UI changes were worthless). The F2P model introduced more players, but no more than that.

I love the game (with over 2100 hours that should be clear : s), but as a veteran I count on 0.0 change. If anything changes, that’s great, but the past few years have shown that both Psyonix and Epic don’t really listen to the community so I doubt that. Fortunately, the basic gameplay is so much fun that I’ll stick to my daily watch for now. Even with the switch to bumper cars.

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