“Intel is working on video upgrade technology for Chromium browsers” – Computer – News

According to Videogamecardz, Intel is working on a video upgrade technology that only works in Chromium browsers. The function has not yet been officially announced, but it can already be activated on certain Intel systems via a separate command.

According to Videogamecardz The Intel video card settings menus currently do not contain an option to enable upgrade technology. The feature can be enabled by invoking the Chromium app’s Properties shortcut menu and then clicking the Shortcut tab. In Target, the user should type the following command: – scalable features = IntelVpSuperResolution .

Upgrade technology is available from Chrome 109 build. In order to use the functionality, according to Videogamecardz, at least a 10th generation Intel CPU is required, with an integrated GPU. The upgrade technology will also work with an Intel Arc video card. It is not certain whether users who meet these technical requirements can also use the upgrading technology. After all, the tech website’s editors reported that they couldn’t get the function to work themselves, despite the fact that they had an 11th Gen Intel CPU with an integrated GPU.

Intel has not yet officially commented on the rumors. It is currently not clear when the feature will actually be rolled out and what the system requirements will be. The company also has an in-house upgrade technology, but specifically for gaming: XeSS. With this temporal upscaling technology, the game can be rendered at a lower resolution and information from the current and previous frames is used to upscaling the image to a higher resolution. Other examples of temporal upscaling technology are Nvidia DLSS and AMD FSR 2.0.

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