The Matterhorn has to ditch its Toblerone packaging, the bar isn’t Swiss enough anymore

The Matterhorn has to ditch its Toblerone packaging, the bar isn't Swiss enough anymore
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Toblerone chocolate brand will remove the iconic Matterhorn top from the packaging. The chocolatier has to do this because of Switzerland’s strict rules on the use of national symbols. According to Toblerone’s parent company Mondelez, the Matterhorn will be replaced by a “public mountain top”.

Strict rules regarding “Sauersetting” have been in place in Switzerland since 2017. According to these rules, national symbols may not be used for dairy products that are not entirely manufactured in Switzerland. For other food products, 80 percent must come from Switzerland.

Starting in July, the American company Mondelez will move part of the production of its famous triangular chocolate bars to Bratislava, in Slovakia. Because of this move, Toblerone no longer meets the requirements to use the Matterhorn. The “Switzerland” caption also disappears from the packaging.


Mondelez says in a statement to BBC Moving production abroad is necessary to meet the growing demand for rails. It will also be essential to continue to grow the Toblerone brand.

Toblerone bars were first sold in 1908 in the Swiss capital, Bern. The Matterhorn has been on packaging since 1970. Before there was an Alpine crest on cardboard, there was an eagle and then a bear on the packaging.

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