“Ukrainian pilots in US to assess fighter skills”

Biden's reputation plummeted in the United States

Two Ukrainian military pilots are currently in the US to assess how long it will take to train to fly fighter jets, including the F-16. That reports American channel NBC.

The skills of Ukrainian pilots will be evaluated using flight simulators at the military base in Tucson, Arizona. US officials have reportedly authorized the transfer of ten more Ukrainian pilots, possibly this month.

This is the first time Ukrainian pilots have been brought to the United States, but sources say it is not a training program. According to officials, the initiative has two goals: improving the skills of pilots and estimating how much time it takes to train them. Pilots don’t fly real fighter jets.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has been pushing for months to deliver F-16s or similar fighter jets. The United States and other Western allies have supplied Ukraine with large amounts of weapons, but so far no fighter jets. President Joe Biden said late last month that he had no plans to deliver F-16s to Ukraine in the short term.

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