direct | Netherlands sends extra soldiers to Afghanistan | interior

direct |  Netherlands sends extra soldiers to Afghanistan |  interior

13.35 – The Netherlands sends additional soldiers to Afghanistan

The Netherlands is sending additional soldiers to help with the evacuations from Afghanistan. The Defense Department does not want to announce the number of soldiers involved on Sunday. The reinforcements are intended to assist the 62 Dutch special forces soldiers who are already in Kabul.

The special forces already in Kabul arrived there last week. The team that is now on the way will help them. An insider reported that it also pertains to special units. In addition, in the Netherlands, soldiers from marines and aircraft brigades are being prepared. They can be moved quickly if needed.

13.22 – The Dutch plane departs again from Kabul

Another plane carrying 82 passengers has departed from the Afghan capital, Kabul, the Ministry of Defense reported on Twitter. It concerns a C-130, which is on its way to a country in the region.

The defense has an airlift for evacuation flights from the Afghan capital, Kabul. People are transported from Afghanistan to a safe country in the region and from there the evacuees go to the Netherlands on a larger plane. According to the schedule, there will be a round trip to a safe airport several times a day.

Another C-17 departed from Kabul at night from Saturday to Sunday. This includes 86 people whose final destination is the Netherlands.

Outgoing Foreign Minister Sigrid Kag said on Twitter that she had consulted with her British colleague Dominic Raab. They discussed “the cooperation of our military in #Kabul and the importance of a common approach to assistance, counter-terrorism and stability”. Rapp also tweeted about this conversation and stressed the importance of working together.

12.40 – NATO: At least 20 people were killed during the evacuation of Kabul airport

At least 20 Afghans have been killed in and around Kabul airport in the past seven days, according to NATO reports. NATO does not say how each of the twenty people died. Earlier this week, several crowd deaths were reported at the airport. Some people were also said to have been shot.

Earlier today, the British Ministry of Defense announced that seven people were killed in the attack on the airport. It is not clear what exactly the numbers are based on in communications from NATO as well as from the United Kingdom. NATO adds that foreign military personnel will stay away from the areas around the airport to avoid clashes with Taliban fighters.

The desperate crowds outside the airport appear to be growing as it approaches the deadline set by the US government to complete the mission, August 31. Afghans see it as their last chance to escape the Taliban regime. The crowd makes it increasingly difficult to get to the airport. US President Joe Biden said last week that the process could extend beyond August 31, depending on how many people still need to be evacuated.

10.24 – The British Ministry announces the killing of seven at Kabul Airport

Britain’s Ministry of Defense says seven Afghans have been killed in a crowd around Kabul airport since the Taliban took power a week ago. Tens of thousands of people have been trying to flee through the airport for a week for the new rulers. Several deaths were reported in the attack last week. The Taliban, for example, reported at least 12 dead. Some people were also shot.

It is not clear what the British Ministry is basing this on. Crowds are located largely outside the area where the foreign military, the majority of whom are Americans, are active to make the evacuations possible. The crowd appears to be growing as the deadline set by the US government to complete the process, August 31, approaches. Desperate Afghans see it as their last chance to escape. The approach to the airport has become more difficult due to the crowds standing in front of the entrance.

However, US President Joe Biden said last week that US forces would remain at the airport if there were still Americans in Afghanistan after August 31. The evacuation of foreigners and Afghans associated with foreign institutions depends on the US presence.

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