At least eight people have been killed in Hurricane Grace in Mexico, USA

At least eight people have been killed in Hurricane Grace in Mexico, USA

The Mexican state of Veracruz was hit by a severe hurricane on Saturday. The storm, known as Grace, crossed the wind at speeds of up to 200 kilometers per hour and caused extensive damage. At least eight people have been killed, according to local officials.

The storm is coming from the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. The storm caused heavy rain there last Thursday, after which the storm blew westward. Many residents in Veracruz are without electricity. Haiti also had to deal with the storms caused by Grace a few days ago. The hurricane then weakened to a tropical storm.

Henry Northeast America

The United States is also preparing for a hurricane. The storm, known as Henry, moves northeast of the United States on Sunday and is upward in New York. So is Governor Andrew Cuomo A state of emergency was declared on Saturday For some parts of the state. Precautions are being taken across the entire Northeast coast, such as New England and New Jersey.

Henry appeared in the Caribbean and then moved north. The tropical storm then intensified into a hurricane. In New York City, among other things, flood and storm surges are being issued. Residents are advised to go inside the house or use public transportation. As a precautionary measure, many public transport services will be suspended from midnight.

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