Google doesn’t have to bring C19 video with Van Haga and Blackbx back to YouTube / News

Google does not have to put a deleted video of an interview with Member of Parliament Eberen van Haga about Corona measures again on YouTube. Google was allowed to remove the video because it violated the video platform’s Covid policy. Moreover, the removal of the video does not constitute an illegal violation of freedom of expression. This is what the judge ruled.

In March of this year, Van Haga and internet channel Blckbx posted two videos on YouTube. The first video relates to a discussion between Representative Van Haga and RIVM Director Jaap van Dissel during a technical briefing in the House of Representatives. The second video was an interview with Van Haga by Blckbx. In both videos, Van Haga criticized the aura scales. The videos have been removed from YouTube for allegedly violating the platform’s Covid policy. This policy aims to prevent the spread of incorrect information about the coronavirus. Then Van Haga and BlackBacks filed brief proceedings. A few days before the briefing, the video of the briefing was re-entered in the House of Representatives, and the second video remained offline.

A video that violates Google’s Covid policy
Van Haga and Blckbx demand that Google commit to postponing the interview video. The judge rejects this claim. The reason for this, among other things, is that Van Haga and Blckbx have agreed to the terms of the platform, including the Covid policy, by creating a YouTube account. The judge ruled that Google rightly believed that the video of the interview violated its Covid policy. For example, provisions on face masks and comparisons with influenza, as well as the provision prohibiting the claim that vaccines do not reduce the risk of corona infection and the provision prohibiting the claim that children do not contract corona, have been violated.

Covid policy does not violate freedom of expression
The first aid judge also decided that deleting the interview video did not violate the right to freedom of expression. With its Covid policy, Google is not only responding to the call of central governments to help it combat the spread of misinformation about the coronavirus, but it is also the embodiment of Google’s fundamental right of ownership: the company may determine the rules that apply to the platform, including a rule to remove content Which is in violation of Covid policy. Thus, Google’s property rights constitute a legitimate limitation on the freedom of expression of others.

No correction either
And Google could not be ordered to publish a correction in connection with the initial deletion of the room’s video, even if it was unjustified upon closer examination. Looking at the title of the video “Do you compare the IFR of corona with the flu? Yes!” If Google initially believes that the video is in violation of its Covid policy and that it can therefore proceed with its removal.

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