Christina Curry through the dust after being sworn in on TV

Christina Curry through the dust after being sworn in on TV

Christina stumbled on the program’s last assignment and had to leave the program as a result. She was so upset about this that she started swearing a lot. Several people on Twitter expressed their displeasure with Christina’s rants and the words she used. For example, I was scolded several times with the word cancer.

Christina now has a message on Facebook from Linda She responded to the commotion. She says she regrets her behaviour. She begins by saying, “Sorry for my foul language.” I was so nervous, overstimulated, and desperately wanted not to fail. I’m hard on myself and I think I fail a lot. According to Christina, she can sometimes react incorrectly due to Asperger syndrome. “This sometimes makes responses less helpful, but I don’t count on that at all and I definitely want to do better.”

“My frustrations have blown out, but that doesn’t make it okay. Nobody is tougher on myself now than I am now. But as a human, I make mistakes sometimes. I’m not a spoiled brat or mean at all. I’m very kind and sensitive, so all my responses are The act certainly touched me. I will be more careful with my words in the future. “I offer my sincerest apologies,” she concluded.

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