Carsifi makes Android Auto wireless, connects to two phones

Carsifi makes Android Auto wireless, connects to two phones

A new coming dongle that will make Android Auto wireless. With Carsifi you can connect two phones and then switch between those devices with the push of a button. The device is compact and you can plug it into your car’s USB port.

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There are more than 100 million cars compatible with Android AutoGoogle knew this might say During a Google I/O . event. However, the majority of these cars work with the wired version of the platform and not with it Android Auto Wireless. You connect your phone and then the Google Car OS appears.

Carsifi is a new tool that allows such cars to connect wirelessly with your phone. You can plug it into the bulid’s USB port, then connect the dongle to your phone via Bluetooth and WiFi. Works on all cars that support the wired alternative to Android Auto.

Connect two phones

This story probably sounds familiar to you already, because it came earlier AAW wireless Already on the market, the dongle promises exactly the same. Well, there are some assets that the developers of this new tool have emphasized. First of all, the device is more compact, but it can connect to two phones at once via a multipoint connection. You can then press the individual button on Carsifi to switch between the two connected devices. This can come in handy when the phone battery is dead, and this is a problem that can occur when using Android Auto wirelessly.

The last feature of Carsifi is that the dongle also works with older Android versions, specifically with Android 6, 7 and 8. Carsifi can be found on Kickstarter, a well-known crowdfunding platform, and the first delivery is expected in November 2021. You must deposit at least 77 euros excluding shipping if you want to get a Carsifi adapter.

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