“Things I Think” before facing the brown giants

"Things I Think" before facing the brown giants

is yours New York Giants Confrontation Cleveland Browns In Game 2 of pre-season Sunday afternoon. Here are some “things I think” while we wait for that match.

Playtime vs. Brown

Joe Judge was shy on Friday about whether the Starters would play on Sunday against the Cleveland Browns. He said he didn’t know, but I knew the judge well enough at this point to be absolutely sure that he only knew the wand and didn’t want to reveal the answer.

The thing is, I really don’t care one way or the other if Daniel Jones is playing. or starting defense.

The Giants just got two days of good physical work in joint training with Brown. Does Jones really need a string or two on Sunday? Does a first team defense really need a chain or two?

I would like to see the young attacking line get a bit of playing time, similar to a trio or streak a group played against a team. New York Jets. The rest makes no difference to me.

Jordan Runan has now been informed that Jones will not play.

it’s good for me.

canton trip

Judge took the Giants to Canton on Saturday, taking part of a holiday for players passionate about the game’s history with a trip to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

I love that.

Judge leans heavily on the history of the Giants franchise. This is an extension of that. It’s amazing how many current NFL players aren’t familiar with the history of the players who came before them, even though they should be.

Oh, and that’s another example that the judge isn’t a miserable ghoul in dealing with his players.

Idea List

As I wrote my talk Drop List 53 men I kept asking more questions than answers.

There are a number of interesting things going on about the first 53, well beyond who the Giants will bring in to help provide offensive line depth.

Elijhaa Penny and Cullen Gilaspia serve as a special team for the first team. Two defenders on the 53-man list?

Rookie running back Gary Brightwell was getting special first-team reps.

Linebacker Trent Harris has got a lot of the headshots I’ve come to expect. Watch out for him on Sunday.

I’ll be watching to see if David Sales gets some special team reps. One commentator has raised the point that many of the recent acquisitions could be giants positioning themselves with players that would allow them to keep Sells, and he’s not a top-notch prowess team. I’ve had this thought too. Sills could help his chances of showing some business acumen on some special teams.

Dave Gittleman’s future

I originally intended to make GM’s future with the Giants after 2021 the focal point of today’s post. After that, I more or less said everything I had to say in it Saturday mail bag. Here is what I wrote:

“I think eight or nine wins and not making the playoffs is the gray area where Jon Mara and Steve Tech have to sit down and go through a grueling, unemotional assessment of exactly how the season is going.

“How did the Giants get where they ended up? Did the season start well and end badly or vice versa? How did the big decisions about Daniel Jones and the offensive line end? Was the free agent contracted? Were there injuries that derailed everything?” Does ownership come out of the season as if there is a core of players and a tandem to decide (Gettleman-Joe Judge) that could eventually take them into the championship competition?

“Mara did not issue a comma mandate When he spoke to the media this week, he really didn’t have to. It’s been four seasons since the Giants set a winning record – they came close to setting a winning record. That must change.

“It’s time for us to start winning more matches,” Mara said.

Both Mara and Gittleman know that things cannot go on indefinitely without better results on the field. Let’s see how the season plays out.

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