Projekt RED CD adjusts Cyberpunk 2077 system requirements, minimum requirements higher

There has always been a mismatch in cyberpunk, and the question is: where does it stop,

To give an example: I buy a TV from you and expect to be able to use it for 5 years (because TVs last 5 years (absolute minimum).

After 3 weeks it turns out all the colors are completely wrong and everyone is complaining (bugs in CP at first) and on top of that things often get stuck – basically this whole piece doesn’t match.

Then a bunch of people claim the non-conformity and get their money back (if all goes well),
The question, then, is: Does nonconformity cease entirely to exist, after all you had a chance to complain, you didn’t, so no more whining now.

Alternatively, you can say, well, I gave CDPR a second chance, they promise to give updates, and in the end it turns out that with all the work, the game still can’t work … moreover you can claim that CDPR is unnecessary because it sure of higher system specs, and they could have put this hungry extra shit in optional (free) DLC so that core game support (with old specs) would be guaranteed… Incident and are you allowed to say, that would prevent me from getting flixes for my old system. Or does common sense dictate that your old box (which is now (4 years old?) might just need an upgrade to keep playing games well, after all, you don’t have to use that kind of speed, you don’t have to install that patch

What is reasonable and fair then, otherwise the non-conformity does indeed come from the Dutch Civil Code, but not necessarily from the rules regarding B2B (consumer purchasing) or indeed any other purchasing agreement which can also be invalidated if the object does not comply with what is in the agreement.

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So even if you buy something as a business and you clearly say to the merchant, hey, this machine has to meet those criteria and those criteria, and the seller says, he does, and you say yes, otherwise I wouldn’t buy it, and six months later, the item turns out to be not at all satisfactory, you can still Simply cancel the purchase. on the basis of error.

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