Best Desktop Buying Guide – Tweakers

Best Desktop Buying Guide - Tweakers

Why go on vacation when you can invest your money in a new PC? If you’re looking for a new gaming PC, due to constantly dropping video card prices and more inventory in stores or because you still can’t get your hands on a PlayStation, this BBG version is in the right place. We’ve put together two gaming-centric platforms and a third for content creation, perfect for future holiday photo and video editing.

You can get a reasonable price with our 1080p system. This gives you a PC that can run the latest games, albeit at modest resolutions and at double-digit frame rates. Those who want more can opt for the 1440p system, with which you can also play games on larger screens and at higher frame rates; We are aiming for 144Hz screens. We divide our content creation system into two parts: For photo and video editors, we recommend a system with a thick video card and if you are only going to edit photos, you can buy a simpler one. With both systems, respectively RTX 3080 and RTX 3060, you can, of course, play a nice game if you wish.

As usual, the DBBG systems were put together in consultation with the Tweakers community. In the Gathering of Tweakers thread, everyone can give their opinion on the perfect system. A few weeks before publication, the BBG team is putting together proposals for systems in Integrated Systems and Laptops Forum† Then all forum visitors can give their opinion and discuss changes. When writing and assembling the final BBG, we start from the comments on the above topics, our findings, reviews of associate sites and the experiences of trained colleagues on the forum and in User Reviews

Prices of the various components are retrieved from Pricewatch in real time and are therefore subject to change. Prices are specified in the tables at the time of publication. If a part occurs more than once in the composition, it is taken into account in the total price. All prices include value added tax.

Note: Not all combinations of devices have been tested. Where possible, we check the correct performance of the different parts, but we cannot guarantee 100% compatibility of all components.

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