Activists sticking their hands in a Van Gogh painting | Abroad

Activists sticking their hands in a Van Gogh painting |  Abroad

In each case, two activists entered a museum and smeared their hands with glue before sticking to a plaque. On the floor of a museum in Manchester, they wrote the phrase “Just Stop Oil”. In another museum, activists wrote “No new oil.” The group invites the art world to join the “civil resistance” against climate change.

In a Twitter video, a staff member at the Manchester Art Gallery tells colleagues via a walkie-talkie to call the police. Then an activist gave the visitors a quiz on climate predictions in scientific journals. This causes great frustration to the museum employee, who then addresses the activist: “I’m not interested in this story. No no no no! You destroyed our property. I don’t want to hear another word from you. So please some respect and silence. Let it be a silent protest.”


Manchester Police told MailOnline that the activists had been arrested for vandalism after the incident, which lasted from an hour to an hour and a half. On Wednesday, two activists from the same organization attached themselves to a 19th-century painting in the Glasgow Museum. On Thursday he hit the Courtauld Gallery in London. There Van Gogh had to pay for it.

This isn’t the first time the organization has heard of itself; Previously oil terminals and British government buildings had to suffer. The working group says the British government’s choice to drill for more oil is incomprehensible, as it “destroys the future of the younger generation”. She argues that it is almost too late to take action and do something about climate change, but why ancient art suffered is not clear.

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