Knicks rumors: Mitchell, L. Rose, Bronson, Durant, Irving

Knicks rumors: Mitchell, L. Rose, Bronson, Durant, Irving

even if Jazz decide to trade Donovan MitchellThe nicks He may not be the first to get it, he writes Ian Begley from It is rumored that Mitchell, a native of New York City, has been a prime target for the Knicks for some time. The Jazz team said they plan to keep Mitchell and rework the roster around him, but sources tell Begley that many teams believe he will be available at the right price.

However, there is no guarantee that the front office in New York will meet this price. Sources close to the Knicks indicated to Bigley prior to the draft that the team was reluctant to let go of the player mix and pick the draft that would be necessary to acquire a talent like Mitchell, fearing that the remaining roster would be too weak to compete. Since then, New York has reached a level an agreement With the free agent guard Galen BronsonBut Bigley doesn’t think that will change the team’s philosophy toward the Mitchell business.

There is more from New York:

  • The Knicks may have signed their top goal of the year by luring Bronson away from the Mavericks, but it’s still not clear that the team boss leon rose It was the best choice for managing the organization, per Stephen Bundy from the New York Daily News. rose and William Wesley They were heavily promoted when he took over the Knicks because of their relationships with the league’s best players. The results were uninspiring, according to Bundy, with the team not getting a real star and putting aside nearly $500 million in guaranteed money over the past two summers to a mediocre roster.
  • Bronson’s father is the Knicks assistant coach Rick BronsonHe had been telling friends for months that Galen wanted to come to New York, but there were concerns about whether the team could create enough roof space to make a competitive bid, Tweets Mark Berman of the New York Post. The Bronson family has a strong relationship with Rose, but Galen was not willing to sign for less than his market value.
  • Maybe Knicks dodged a bullet when Kevin Durant And the Keri Irving I decided to sign with Brooklyn three years ago, suggests Steve Popper from Newsday. Knicks pursued the two stars, but Popper thought they would have faced the same mayhem Networks witness now.

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