Concert organizer Mojo warns visitors of train problems around Beyoncé’s concerts

Concert organizer Mojo warns visitors of train problems around Beyoncé's concerts

Concert planner Mojo has warned visitors to Beyoncé’s concerts this weekend about train problems. Because of the track work, it is difficult to get to the stations around Johan Cruyff Square.

Beyoncé on Saturday and Sunday with her world tour at the Johan Cruyff Arena. The concert organizer expects many visitors to travel by train to the ceremony and warned them in a message to “take into account crowds and delays.”

The two nearest stations from the Arena, Duivendrecht and Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena, are difficult to get to this weekend due to work. There are no trains running between Amsterdam Central Station and the Amsterdam Bilmer Arena and between Haarlem and Amsterdam Sloterdijk. Trains in the city will not stop completely, but there is a modified timetable with different departure times and departure routes.

According to an NS spokesperson, Mojo was already aware of the work when planning the concert, but the concert organization informs visitors very well. Mojo advises Beyoncé fans to prepare well for the trip back and forth.

Not the first time

The train journey to and from the arena has been a challenge for concert-goers lately. At Harry Styles’ concert last weekend, thousands of fans were stranded after trains across the city were completely disrupted.

Attendees also had to look for alternative transportation in September. Because of the crowds at the Grand Prix in Zandvoort, no trains stopped at the Bijlmer Arena during the concerts carried out by Kensington at the Ziggo Dome and Yade Lauren at AFAS Live.

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