Poller Gijs Rademaker switches to RTL

Poller Gijs Rademaker switches to RTL

Content Director Peter van der Furst says RTL is delighted with the arrival of Rademaker. “With everything happening in our society, it is important and important to know how the Dutch think and what matters to them. With the new RTL Nieuwspanel, under the leadership of Gijs, we are able to have this conversation with the viewer about many topics on a daily basis.”

‘closer to the viewer’

Rademaker, 44, has proven in recent years, says Van der Vorst, “that he can point out in an easy and positive way what is going on in the Netherlands”. RTL Nieuws Editor-in-Chief Ilse Openneer says that with the arrival of the Rademaker, “the right experience and expertise” will be brought “to get even closer to our viewers”.

RTL Nieuws is “an institution with a solid journalistic reputation that monitors what is happening among the people in the country,” Rademaker says of his transformation. “In this difficult time full of crises and political contradictions, it remains important to be able to gauge how the Dutch think about what is going on in society. I look forward to doing this at RTL in the coming years and also to developing myself in other areas.

special dinosaurs

In RTL, it gets space for other programs. For example, for Videoland in the United States, he will be making a series of documentaries with Martin Van Rossum, “A Wonderful Search for Special Dinosaurs.”

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