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As a veteran Tweaker warrior and graphic artist, I was blown away.

I’ve been in the rabbit hole for a while now. Stable spread, midjourney, dall-e, and from today Dreambooth

If you pay more attention to the way you describe your task, the amazing results will increase. So the more you know about art history, for example, and your knowledge of graphic styles, photographic terminology, 3D rendering engines, etc., the more influence you will have on the bottom line.

Below is a website where you can test it yourself without installing (a fixed spread variable).

Try the following to see the difference in the result:

simple thing:
Dutch magic windmill

Detailed mission:
Dutch magic windmill, forest, stairs, pillars, cinematic, detailed, atmosphere, epic, conceptual art, matte, background, fog, photorealistic, conceptual art, volumetric light, cinematic epic + 3rd octane rendering base, 8k, Wreath Rendering Film Art Concept Octane Rendering Cinematic Popular On Artstation Film Art Concept Cinema Composition Ultra Detail Realistic Ultra Realistic Volumetric Lighting 8K

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