Rapper Frisco also wants to cancel the tour; Kunstenbond resumes | stars

Rapper Frisco also wants to cancel the tour;  Kunstenbond resumes |  stars

Here’s what Frisco said Monday night at NOS . News. “The past two years have been very difficult for everyone in the music and entertainment industry,” the rapper said. “I would like to do the show again yesterday. But with everyone involved. Nothing will do me any good as an artist with all the music I’ve made about teamwork and equality to exclude a part of my audience. I don’t think that is the way.”

The Fresku Tour kicks off next week. Previously, Jandino Asporaat, Tim Douwsma, and Giel Beelen also canceled their tours for this reason. Their decisions were also heavily criticized. Colleagues mentioned on social media that these types of decisions are not very social towards their employees and crew, who can eventually work again.

Konstenbund, a large trade union for people in creative professions, is calling on artists to stop canceling tours and shows. “It’s great that these artists are standing up for their principles,” a Kunstenbond spokesperson said in response to the reports from NOS. “But at whose expense is this happening?” Almost everyone in the entertainment sector works as a freelancer and has gone through a very difficult period, both mentally and financially. “The pain is that they are completely dependent on others for their income. After a year and a half of corona, they can barely absorb the risk of more canceled offers.”

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