Thrustmaster Makes Boeing 787 Dreamliner a Beacon for Flight Simulator – Games – News

The Stick Shaker has nothing to do with strong feedback, but is just a form of tactile warning (apart from the noise it makes). It’s simply an eccentric electric motor that vibrates the control shaft – at the signal that parking is about to occur.

Stick Pusher (also no force reaction, but the system that actually intervenes) only have T-tail planes like Fokker 100, Embraer 145, etc., because such type of aircraft can end up in the so-called deep stall Where the installer is in “Falling Shadow”. “He can come out of the booth if there’s a booth – and then you can’t get out.

The 787 has some type of motion feedback on the control shaft and steering wheel, but this is done by backdrive actuators, which are actually controlled only to show pilots what the autopilot is doing. The primary difference with Airbus, which intentionally ignores the entire control shaft and steering wheel, because the screen actually shows what the autopilot is doing.

And if you fly the 787 ‘manually’, you will have no force reaction, but only with a spring beam that makes movement more difficult. So a quiet cornering, say a 5g punk angle, is smoother than a rough “throwing it on its side”, for example a 35g punk angle. The latter requires more power. Both have nothing to do with the actual aerodynamic forces on the aircraft’s control surfaces.

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