Rejection of an appeal in the internal Corona traffic case

Rejection of an appeal in the internal Corona traffic case

The Appeals Chamber considers “there is no objectively justified fear” that a judge would not be impartial. The head of the Appeals Chamber said about one of the reasons for the appeal to the judge: “Your argument that the judge worked in the GGZ and that it is the GGD that puts the corona footage, this is very little.” Accordingly, the hearing can continue on Tuesday at 1 pm in the Hague Tribunal.

Attorney Bart Maes argued his objection was that there was “some correlation with the health sector” in the additional position the judge had at GGZ. His colleague Elke Linting added that then he “doesn’t feel well” if this judge were to hear the summary proceedings.

The law firm describes the introduction of the Corona Corridor as “unlawful, punishable and discriminatory.” According to Maes, the action would be contrary to the constitution and many international treaties.

The new Corona rules came into effect last Saturday. The mandatory 1.5-meter distance has been abolished, but from that day on, everyone aged 13 or over to go to a restaurant or cinema, for example, must show a Corona ticket. This can be obtained through complete vaccination, recovery after infection, or a recent negative test result.

Maes said earlier in his interpretation of the initiation of the lawsuit that the passage of Corona violates the right to physical integrity. “You should hit a stick like this in your nose every time you want a QR code for 24 hours. A lot of basic rights are thrown in the trash for non-vaccinated people to do the Corona pass, also called the apartheid corridor, which will add absolutely nothing From the point of view of public health and the burden of care. Corona Corridor will have the same effect as a curfew, that is, nothing.”

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