March 21, 2023

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Pokémon Brilliant Diamond review - Buy, budget or demolish?

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond review – Buy, budget or demolish?

Who doesn’t know it, Pokemon. Or should you say who doesn’t know them? Pokemon are like pets that you can control to fight each other. The game has a huge fan base. And one such fan is Huey, who used to fanatically throw Pokeballs. Huey played the latest installment in the franchise. So it’s time for a review. As always, there will be two versions of the new Pokémon game. Related to Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon shining pearl. How are these two games now, because they are a remake. Will it bring innovation to the Nintendo Switch? Or do you play the same? You’ll see and hear everything in our Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl review.

Is it a worthy remaster or a lazy buyer?

Pokemon are known to have nearly a thousand different “creatures”. Huey doesn’t go out with his phone to catch them this time, as in Pokémon Go, but does so classically on a “handheld” called Switch. How is the game? Is it fat or left? Or is this another recent example of a remodel that really shouldn’t be made? Does the game also look like a connection to the previous parts Sword & Shield or is this completely different?

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl review: buy, budget or scrap?

And of course there is our last question. We recommend that you buy the game, wait until it’s in the budget basket (however long it takes with Nintendo) or unfortunately have to tear it down. You will see and hear everything in a file Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Nintendo Switch review. Will it be purchased, budgeted or demolished then?

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