February 9, 2023

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Piet steals viewers' hearts, but not Ted's at B&B Vol Liefde

Piet steals viewers’ hearts, but not Ted’s at B&B Vol Liefde

At ‘B&B Vol Liefde’, bed and breakfast manager Ted was the first couple to welcome a home in her Madeira bed and breakfast. Although viewers run off with him, she herself doesn’t seem to lose her heart for him.

“I also have another whistle, but it’s a little louder”

Yesterday, viewers got to know Ted and her first guest, Pete. Ted summed it up: “He had a very nice evening yesterday. I thought so too. We had very nice conversations.” Today there is something else on the table other than a small talk. House must work. As a retired carpenter, he can’t stand the fact that Ted’s balcony is untidy.

Even though Piet is retired, he can’t leave his hammers and drills alone. “When I’m at home, I’m always looking for odd jobs. If something is hanging crooked, I want to hang it straight. I live by my name: absolutely Pietje.”

Before Pete gets to his knees—to fix the porch—Ted lends a helping hand. “Do I put a pillow under your knees?” Then Piet can work comfortably. Ted is very happy with a useful home. “I really enjoy having someone next to me who can do that for me.”

But Pete shouldn’t throw his hat at her. “Well, you can’t lift your pants that way,” Ted said when Piet’s underwear clearly shows up after the job. She lifts his pants with her hands. “Otherwise you’ll see my construction worker’s crack,” jokes Pete. “I don’t like it at all,” shouts Ted.

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Besides Harry Handy, Piet is also a generous giver. But is the reason very appropriate? “I actually have another gift for you for Mother’s Day.” “I’m not your mother,” Ted replies surprised. “That’s what my wife always said, but she always liked it when she got some,” he says.

“Well, here comes my son,” Ted jokes when Pete returns with the present. Bought a shower foam. “nice of you.”

Ted wants to show her beautiful Madeira on a walking tour. Amazed house. He even feels so comfortable that he makes an eloquent joke. When he whistled at Ted’s dogs, he said, “I also have another whistle, but it’s a little louder, haha.” Ted believes in herself. “Fine.”

After some trimming along the way, Ted came to the conclusion that it’s still a bit shallow. “He talks to have to talk. I don’t have a problem with that, but it’s never going to be an in-depth conversation. We don’t have many topics in common.”

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Pete is still lovingly trying to put his arm around Ted. “I had the idea that she didn’t like it at the time. I don’t know if we were getting close.”

Ted takes Pete to the beer festival. “I’m not a beer drinker. I’m doing it for him.” But Piet isn’t really a beer drinker either. “I like one or two beers, but the stronger thing is the thing I like best.”

After his Mother’s Day gift, Ted Pitt also wants to give back. A special local hat that indicates whether you are single or busy. “I still get the post, because of course there’s no relationship yet,” jokes Pete. But that depends on the coming days.” Ted isn’t quite sure yet. “He can still keep up for now. We’ll see if it’s something.”

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